Photo Gravure | Intaglio

Whistler Mountains

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The Whistler Mountains is a series of original photo gravure intaglio prints by Shaylah Hickson. Inspired by the stories my mother used to tell me about living close to the mountains in British Columbia, I create glimpses in time of the mountain views from Whistler Mountain. These black and white glimpses are created from photo etchings on photopolymer gravure plates printed one by one onto Japanese paper and chine colléd onto white BFK rag paper.

All prints are handprinted.


A Look Inside

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Looking to the portraits of Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali, and exploring the unknown heritage of my family I have been inspired to explore a new side of portraiture. Using portraits of my family members I intend to create a series of portraits exploring the different aspects of my family that aren’t unknown, our overall silly nature. The portraits include a range of silly ridiculous facial expressions to more normal blank faces. I intend to compose the images I have photographed of each member into a portrait of themselves that shows their silly side and their serious side. Many say that one’s eyes can talk or say a thousand words, while the mouth literally can. Using images of just mouths and eyes to speak to viewers about the nature of the family without the use of type.