Time for Christmas Cards!!

Every year I start thinking about my Christmas cards in September. Something about Christmas being my favourite holiday. All my sisters are home in one place and everyone puts away stresses and just laughs and talks, I love it! Once it starts to feel cooler outside and it’s getting closer to Thanksgiving in October I’m making them in every spare moment I have.

This year I considered many possibilities for my Christmas card designs, including reusing some of my linocut cards from last year and adding paper quilling to them. In the end I decided to go with a 3D paper circle ornament design with ribbon bows.


To make 3D circle ornament cards;

1. Start by cutting or punching 1″ circles out of coloured or patterned paper. And proceed to fold each circle in half. I used three circles for each ornament, you can use more if you want a fuller ornament or if you just want to make ornaments and not cards. I thought that three circles would flatten nicely for putting the cards into envelopes.

2. Then proceed to glue two halves to the third piece, to create the 3D shape. *as seen below


3. I glued the ornaments to the card fronts in groups of four, in a scattered non-linear format.

4. I then took several hours and tied many tiny red and white bows out of 1/8″ ribbon. I used this website to help me http://ribbons.com/how-to-tie-a-gift-bow-six-different-ways/. Using the classic bow image. It was not an easy task with such tiny ribbon, you have to think tiny finger thoughts.


4. Finally, I glued ribbon from the top of the card down to the top of each ornament as the string they are hanging from and glued a little bow above each ornament.

5. Once everything is dry, you can write in your cards!

Et Voilà! C’est Tout!


Happy Card Making!



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