Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

I’ve been busy lately, getting ready ready for Christmas. I’ve been making and sending cards, and doing a great deal of framing. This year seems to be the year that a great deal of family members are getting art for Christmas. Now that Owen and I are engaged he’s promoting my artwork more than ever, in an effort to sell some and show everyone what I was doing for four years at York.


All framed and ready to go!

Besides trying out some different kinds of wood for printing, I’ve recently gotten a membership for a local print studio for the new year which is pretty exciting! Until then, I was having a bit of a dilemma last week. I was trying to figure out how to chine collé the branch and lino prints I did in the end of the summer so I could frame and use them for the family White Elephant exchange. Due to not having access to a press currently, I was a little unsure how I was going to pull off using the prints.

Epic 6 Letterpress Combo

Epic 6 Letterpress Combo

But then I remembered that I have an Epic 6 press from Lifestyle Crafts (now know as We R Memory Keepers). This little 6″x12″ press is made for diy letterpress and cutting. Similar to a Cuttlebug or Sizzix machine. I thought that I could try to chine collé prints using this press and see what happened. So I did everything as per usual; got my paste ready, got a collé plate ready, cut down and soaked my paper (all on my parents kitchen counter) and set up the letterpress bed and press on the dining room table. I basically took over my parents kitchen and dining room for a day or two. In the end it was worth it!


Press bed set-up.

My initial concern with using the Epic 6 for chine collé was that I didn’t believe that it had enough pressure when the press bed rolled through to collé flat and smooth. But with several strips of scrap rag paper acting as press blankets within the letterpress bed, I was able to collé my branch prints and linocuts perfectly! All my prints had to collé to 6 inch wide paper but when I’m framing them it doesn’t really matter. Now I know I can chine collé prints as long as they’re tiny using my little Epic 6.


The first prints! They turned out so well!

**My parents also thought I was crazy because I was stretching the prints on my bedroom door after they went through the press. Oh well!


Good old student style bedroom room door paper stretching.

Good luck on all printmaking endeavours this holiday season!



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