I finally did it!

Here we go! Image

After years of growing and changing my hair style over and over, I finally had enough hair and motivation to cut off my hair for charity. One thing that has to be understood, is that when I was 14 my hair was so long it was down to my butt and one weekend when my mother was away at a conference…my sister cut it all off… Now my mom was in no way happy to come home to my hair significantly shorter and especially without any warning. I didn’t cut all of my hair off, but it was close to 14-16inches shorter. Still long but not nearly as long as it had been.

I was very happy with this haircut for many reasons; my hair was a lot less heavy, I used way less shampoo, and it didn’t get stuck in things when it blew in the wind anymore. But I was unhappy with it when everyone started asking me if I had donated my to cancer..

Well no..

My sister’s and I simply threw it out never even thinking about donating it. We were a little distracted thinking about how much our mother was going to kill us for cutting my hair off! But ever since then, I’ve felt really guilty for just throwing out my hair that could have been used for those without.

Well after years of playing with different lengths and styles, I finally grew out my hair for one sole purpose. I was going to donate it.

So about 10 years later, I finally had 12inches of hair to donate to children who lost theirs. I cut my hair off for Angel Hair Canada, who make wigs for children with cancer.





Thanks to my good friend Fely for being there for support and to take photos! and Thanks to Doreen for making me less nervous about getting a shorter haircut! I love it!


I definitely recommend donating your hair for those affected by cancer, it is a very rewarding experience and goes to an amazing cause! Making children feel like they’re #1! As a teacher this was the most memorable and rewarding thing I did all year in teacher’s college. Take the plunge! Cut your hair off to make a child feel special!

PS. There is nothing more weird then having your ponytail just sitting on the backseat of your car until you mail it off! My friends were so creeped out when I picked them up for class two hours later!



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