Free time.


While I’m off for a few months I intend to get a lot of card making done. As I was preparing a card for my photo award donor, I made these guys. Super cute if you ask me. I saw someone a while back that had quilled vintage cameras. So I tried it out. I’ve got a Diana, a Polaroid, and Instagram (which is realize isn’t vintage but still adorable), a love robot haha, and a series of Holga’s.

I’ve quilled several different kinds of cards in the past. Including flowers, animals and custom people to look like the recipient. Its a lot of fun! I believe anyone who loves crafting and especially paper (which I have learned to love from my university printmaking prof) will love quilling. It’s a fun way to craft with paper, with so many options. Make the art of quilling popular once again! And try it!

If you’re unsure about you’re cutting skills there are many suppliers for quilling mostly based in the U.S.. The supplier I use is The Quilling Superstore. I also learned quilling from a book designed for children but nowadays as quilling becomes more popular you can find tutorials online showing you the steps.

I hope you’ll try it!
Happy Quilling!


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